Garage Sale

A garage sale of Sculpture Grad artwork and junk, curated with Andy Hunt for Graduate Open Studios

Door and Fans

A door-based presentation method for images, and fans and other noise makers

Dog Bottle

A dog bottle for a pop-up bar

Bag Bottle

A bag bottle for a pop-up bar

Head Bottle

A head bottle for a pop-up bar

Spoon Pictures

A set of spoon compositions to use for general introductions

Staple Remover

A large 3D-printed staple remover that was produced as a prop for an Admissions video

Big Tack

A prototype for an even larger tack

Teeth Braid

A sculpture that prioritizes making artwork while watching TV, rather than watching TV while making artwork

Grape Chain

A grape chain and a backpack for a student-led critique

Potato Vision

Potatoes in a field